Spider-Man Cartoon Maker Movies

A collection of some of the best Spider-man movies. You must have Spider-man Cartoon Maker to view them. Click on the movie of your choice to download it and then run "movie".exe. Unzip it into your Movies directory.
 Change Is For the Better...Isn't It? Part 1 By Andrew Troy, aged 15. Who controls Crime Central? ...... download and find out! ...40KB.
Spiderman Carnage versus Spider-man by Paul Schraff. Spiderman Carnage breaks out of his jar and then.... 58 KB
Venom versus Spider-man by Paul Schraff. Non-stop excitement ending with a romantic twist. 64KB.
Spidy & the Rat by Marcel, NY, age: NA. Our hero meets many a foe and discloses a hobby. 277KB
Aunt May by Anon. Aunt May proves that her nephew is not the only super hero. 108KB
Rainbow by Drew Anne, CA. age: 6. A happy view of the world oblivious of villains. 88KB

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