Lisa's Mother Goose Movies

A wonderful collection of nursery rhyme classics, with singing and animated line art.

You must have MAGIC THEATRE, HAUNTED HOUSE or Spider-Man, X-MEN, or Batman CARTOON MAKERS to view them. Click on the movie to download it and then run "movie".exe. Unzip it into your Movies directory.

30 Days 290KB.

Three Little Kittens 282KB

Three Wise Men 122KB

Baabaa Black Sheep 234 KB

Oh Dear 328KB

Little Boy Blue 155KB

Little Bo Peep 195KB

Buttons 234KB

Cat & Fiddle 193 KB

Little Hen 252KB

Rock a Bye 215 KB

Crooked Man 155KB

Cushy Cow 195KB

Dickery Dock 95KB

Dog Gone 188KB

Early To Bed 198KB

Georgie Porgie 161KB

Girl With Curl 144KB

Little Jack Horner 161KB

Humpty Dumpty 132KB

Little Husband 143KB

Jack & Jill 131KB

Jack Sprat 148KB

Kilkenny 141KB

Old King Cole 205KB

My Kitten 177KB

Little Pigs 251 KB

Mary's Little Lamb 358KB

Mary Mary 240KB

Mother Goose 242KB

Molly & Me 168KB

Miss Muffet 132KB

Jack Be Nimble 105KB

Old Woman 129KB

Two Birds 289KB

One Two 209KB

Peter Piper 128KB

Pumpkin Eater 155KB

Song Of Sixpence 179KB

My Son John 106KB

Spider 254KB

Tattamus 170KB

Tommy Tucker 217KB

Under The Hill 125KB

Yankee Doodle 248KB

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