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A collection of some of the best Batman movies. You must have Adventures of Batman & Robin Cartoon Maker to view them. Click on the movie of your choice to download it and then run "movie".exe. Unzip it into your Movies directory.
Riddle Me This, by Jay Sims. The sequel of an epic brain teaser, where brawn alone is not enough. 1353KB
Man-Bat, by Jay Sims. Possibly one of the finest Batman movies ever made. A mysterious fiend terrorizes the skies and only DNA analysis can reveal the terrible truth. 717KB
Batman Returns-part 2, by Justin, 14 yrs old, Texas. The long awaited conclusion to Batman Returns. Wit, excitement and a surprise ending 523KB
Batman Returns-part 1, by Justin, 14 yrs old, Texas. This is the amazing sequel to the movie Batman (below), with a brand new cast of villains. Batman must stop Penguin from his evil plan and who knows what Catwoman is up to! This movie is so huge it had two be put into to parts. 820KB
Batman, by Justin, 14yrs old, Texas. This 45 scene thriller tells the tale of Gotham's first rendezvous with Batman. Loaded with suspense, special effects and above all narration. 370KB
Challenge of the Demon, by Stewart Marriot, 13, United Kingdom. The "mother" of all Batman movies with 58 scenes, text, narration and great special effects. Our hero takes on Ra's. al Ghul but must first vanquish Ninja and Clayface. 75KB
Gus & The Flood by Lisa Marietta, California. The second of a series of wonderful productions chronicling the hopes, aspirations and misadventures of a goldfish. 604KB.
Confrontations, by Stewart Marriot, 13, United Kingdom. A brilliant 33 scene blockbuster with masterful cinematics. Non-stop excitement, climaxing with a thrilling confrontation with Cat Woman. 31KB
Together Forever by Monique, 14, Illinois. Adventure and romance. 32KB
Attack by Anon. Action, action, action and then some more action. 21KB
Gus by Lisa Marietta, California. The first of a series of wonderful productions chronicling the hopes, aspirations and misadventures of a goldfish. 758 KB and worth every byte of it!
Penguin by Alan, 12, Illinois. An 18 scene epic where everything happens with a bang!. 72KB

Freeze by Eric, 11, Illinois. The icy villain's robbery is thwarted by you know whom. 20KB

Joker by Andrea, 10, Illinois. The joke is on -------?. 20KB
The Heist by Ehren and Tristan, Age: 13. Pennsylvania. A Batman classic with a mildly scatological twist. 38KB.
Batbird by Carolyn, Illinois. Well, at least she tried. 147KB
Neil by Neil, California, age: 5. What this movie lacks in plot it makes up in sheer mousemanship. 26KB.
Sister by Big Sister(and Dad), California, age: 5. Sibling rivalry at its best-a must. 137KB.
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