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Based in the Silicon Valley, Instinct Corporation has been, since 1993, the leading educational software company focusing exclusively on products that develop communication skills through storytelling and movie making. Our lifelong tradition of working closely with university researchers, educators, and children has given birth to innovative, effective products that seamlessly blend art, technology, and psychology. As an independent developer and publisher, we have been able to produce cutting-edge products of uncompromised quality. In adherence to our mission of helping all children learn, we offer our products as free downloads or at a minimal cost.

Magic Theatre and the Cartoon Maker series have brought the tradition of storytelling to the computer age by allowing children as young as three to make their own movies. The simple interface allows for the fluid combination of drawing, animation, music, and narration, resulting in short films of your own creation. As children tap into their imaginations, they develop the artistic, speech, and extemporization skills to tell their stories. Movies made with Magic Theatre are available on Instinct's website and YouTube.

Language Adventure, developed with second language acquisition researchers at Stanford University, employs a natural language-learning process that gets children speaking a foreign language quickly, easily, and without the tedium of rote learning. Aimed at ages 5-12, Language Adventure teaches English, Spanish, French, Italian, German, and Japanese, with the option of setting any of those languages as the native one.

Instinct products have been sold world wide in 16 different languages. They include: Magic Theatre, Haunted House, Ohanashi, Spider-man Cartoon Maker, X-MEN Cartoon Maker, the Adventures of Batman and Robin Cartoon Maker, Language Adventure and many others.

Instinct is also a partner and sponsor of the MetaMediaLab at Stanford University and is also affiliated with Instinct Design and Bravo Caffé.

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